Sylyssë Fauca, The Blood Countess


Countess Sylyssë Fauca the Thirsty

Lyssë was a headstrong child. She thought she had every right to be the center of all attention and that she would live forever. Being the only heir of a very, very wealthy family, she could afford to be like this.

Then, she watched her parents slowly wither away, their possessions slipping through their hands as they became old and weak. Then, she spotted the first wrinkles in her own face.

The life of the elves that dwelt in her family’s court never waned. They seemed like creatures of a different world, and indeed, they were reluctant to meddle in her affairs, as if it was beneath them, as if human affairs weren’t lasting enough to be worth bothering with.

They lived their lives at a different pace, where there was always time for everything. Urgency they only understood in the sense that it was something mortals experienced as they became aware of the limitations of their existence. Pointless, short-lived creatures!

Sylyssë didn’t think this fair. She slowly began to develope the belief that life and longevity needed to be earned. That those who take it for granted do not deserve it.
On her 27th birthday, she treated herself to a special gift: the elves in her home that looked and acted just the same as when she was a little girl, that treated her just the same…, she massacred them and bathed in a pool of their blood.

Every subsequent year, on the exact same day, she did the this. For 133 years. Her body changed a lot: her stature changed, strange marks appeared, as if they were carved into her skin to keep track of her years. Because on the surface, she stayed strong and healthy and young.



The Beast-Keeper Set – Ox-clan Camp, Nan Curunír
Blood-letter (sword)



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