Morrowethil of Many Shapes


Svartalda of Grimbeorn’s line was never a particularly joyful person, but her attitude towards others began to get even worse after she came of age. According to some, this unfavorable change happened during the initiation rite Beornings of high birth are required to go through to become fully realized adults and accountable for their actions in both their forms.

They found a new cave for her, a cave that – some claimed, – wasn’t even there before. She went in and wasn’t seen for days. As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, when she finally emerged, she fell sick for days. Her nurses were worried she would die and, when she woke up, they didn’t understand how she didn’t. What they failed to realize was that maybe she didn’t wake up at all.

Svartalda wouldn’t change shape in the presence of others anymore. She was remarkably good at controlling herself. However, she was mostly avoiding company and became a hunter of wild beasts.

Little did they know, it wasn’t Svartalda living among them now. It was Morrowethil, mistress of delusions, commander of many bodies, horror of the night in the forests.


Mask of Dúngost – Harndirion barter
Well-used Shoulders – Beorning into cosmetic
Cloak of the Boar Clan Warrior – Dunlend quest reward: Lost miner, Siam
Frostbluff Dress of Thanks – quest reward following the Yule festival



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