Liliveltë the Worthless


Liliveltë was the daughter of a High Elven lord and lived in Rivendell. She fell in love with a hunter of much lower birth, but he rejected her, for he was in love with another.

So great was Liliveltë’s shame that she left the house of her father and journeyed to Bree, even though no one learned of what transpired. She took to a street living, where she would seduce all sorts of men, lure them into dark corners and murder them for their possessions.

She drank their blood, not because she fancied it to be of any benefit to her, but it seemed to her a proper way to conclude her escapades and to quiet her vengeful spirit. Did some servant of Mordor poison her mind, or was it the loss of innocence that pushed her over this cliffs?


Gossamer Dress – Skirmish camp



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