Aparazthór was a young prince of Númenor, who dreamed of entering the service of the High King and making something of the raw stuff of his life. But the thing we want
the most always comes at the most terrible cost. Unfortunately, Aparazthór didn’t have what it took to be great, he realized he had nothing to offer, that he wouldn’t be wanted.
This was how Sauron got the best of him.

In return for his unending loyalty, he made him the most dangerous predator in the High King’s court. Sucking on the veins of the kings’ power, he became one of the great architects of the fall, whose story remained untold in the turbulent times that ensued. He lived a long life and played a great part in the corruption of Númenor.

After his death, he was resurrected in hideous form and wore a bat-like mask. From Sauron, he received the name Apadú, “that which comes after nightfall”. In life, a cunning and influential man. In death, a hideous monster that needs to hide from everyone.

After Sauron’s defeat, Apadú was greatly diminished. What remained of him was a lurker in the shadows, hiding in narrow streets and dark storage rooms, feeding on rats and the occasional unfortunate man that fell victim to his devices.

But make no mistake, he never stopped plotting his return!



Helm of the Great Bow – Twenty-first Hall hunter trainer
Shoulders of the Great Bow – Twenty-first Hall hunter trainer
Wood-Wanderer’s Cloak – Lotro Store
Robe of Anórien Mercy – Minas Tirith Epic quest reward: A Long Siege – Forgive Him
Enduring Dwarf Steel Gauntlet of Might – World drop
Leather Boots of the Silent Watcher – Host of the West barter
Keen Scimitar – World drop



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