Karina is not feeling well.


Karina owns a little bar in Combe, but she is drowning in debt. Her girlfriend helps to keep her afloat, but their relationship could be better. Michaela travels a lot and sleeps with other women, while Karina depends on her income for keeping the bar open. It sucks. But the thing is, when her GF is not home, she is also on the hunt. She knows, by making Michaela jealous, she is making herself desirable.

One day, Pammy walks into the Salamander, Karina’s bar. She just came back to Combe after studying painting techniques in Arnach for 2 years, into the welcoming embrace of her boyfriend, who waited for her. They love each other, by their definition of love. He even built a studio for her in his backyard, while she was away.

They look into each other’s eyes at the counter. Pammy doesn’t exactly know what this feeling is, but it’s definitely weird. Karina is a riveting presence. No one gets past her if she doesn’t want them to. Pammy is still very young, a delicate and beautiful creature. The Salamander is famous for the interesting people that meet there, but these two, they clearly stand out. Karina is well aware of this; but all Pammy knows is that she can’t take her eyes off this woman.

Fastforward a month and Pammy wishes she had never met her. Her boyfriend found out about it the hard way, by walking in on them. He threw her out of the house.

Michaela came home and demands what is hers back. And she gets it. She is the kind of woman who always gets what she wants. Or, did I say the same about Karina? Well, there is a reason these two are a couple. Even if Karina wanted out, even if she wanted to be with Pammy, she can’t. But she wouldn’t want to. Their relationship with Michaela is a game, of teasing, of hurting and taking and owning. But Pammy, she lost her charm once Karina got a piece of her.



Yule Scarf – Yule festival
Jacket of the Erebor Bowmaster – Skirmish camp Medium Armor Vendor
Westemnet Combat Assault Boots of Precision – Crafted Medium Armor
Isbur-Socas (Leggings) – Isengard instance drop
Not of Affection – Auction House


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